Beaucourt Road Major Maintenance Project

The Beaucourt Road Major Maintenance Project will include the repair of an existing retaining wall and installation of new erosion control structures to address ongoing erosion and instability along Mimico Creek.

This project will enhance channel stability, thereby offering additional protection to residential properties adjacent to the creek. Erosion control structures installed in the creek and along the banks will redirect the flow of water to reduce the erosive forces along the lower slope.

Project Map

Construction Completion – Fall 2020

Construction and restoration activities are now complete in Berry Road Park. The work involved the repair and replacement of retaining wall structures to protect the slope from the creek’s erosive forces. Creek bed reinforcement was also undertaken to effectively direct flows. Restoration was carried out along the former construction access road including seeding and planting of native shrub and tree species.

Completed armourstone wall and restored access with native shrub plantings surrounded by seeding which will revegetate the area with native species.

For previous updates, please see Past Project Updates.

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Project Background

Mimico Creek experiences both high water levels and high flow rates during weather events. These two factors increase the erosive force along the creek’s banks and slopes. The intensity of the erosive force is greatest along the outer bends of the creek.

This project is focused on a section of Mimico Creek in Berry Road Park where a sharp bend exists along the watercourse. In this area the outer bend associated with the slope behind Beaucourt Road experiences an intense erosive force during weather events as fast moving, high waters flow along the base of the slope before making the right-angle turn.

Erosion control structures have previously been constructed along the outer bend to protect this area, however due to age and severe weather events, they are now deficient.

This site was ranked as high priority for major maintenance work as the erosion presents a potential risk to private property. Existing erosion control structures will be repaired where possible and incorporated into the final treatment.

Part of a gabion basket wall sliding into a creek
A previously constructed gabion basket retaining wall along Mimico Creek shows structural failure, falling into the water.

Scope of Work

The existing retaining wall will be repaired and extended to provide protection for a length of 75 metres. A second row of armourstone will also be added behind the existing wall and secured with anchors into the slope. In addition, the design incorporates armourstone vanes extending from the wall across the width of the creek to direct the flow away from the slope.

Following construction the access route and staging area in Berry Road Park will be restored with native plantings and seeding.

Visible bank erosion by the side of Mimico Creek in Toronto
Erosion along the bank of Mimico Creek behind a failed section of armourstone wall that has been displaced.

Construction Information

TRCA plans to begin construction in early summer 2020, pending receipt of all required permits and approvals. Completion of the project is currently planned for fall 2020, however timelines are subject to change. In order to abide by migratory bird nesting periods, tree removals required to allow adequate access for the maintenance work will occur in March 2020.

Please obey all posted construction signage, exercise caution and stay clear of work areas and equipment. 

The informal trail highlighted in red on the map below will be closed for the duration of the project. Work hours will typically be between Monday and Friday, 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM. During this time heavy equipment, dump trucks, and other vehicular traffic will be travelling on the highlighted route and in the parking lot at Berry Road Park. TRCA will be using the surrounding land as a staging area (shown in orange on the map below).

Notice of Construction map showing the closed section of trail in Berry Road Park as well as the proposed staging area.
Notice of Construction map indicating the work area, open trail route, closed trail route, and staging/stockpiling area.

Public Consultation

TRCA will post project information signage at public entrances to the park area where construction is occurring. Homeowners and schools adjacent to the work area will also receive notices of construction prior to commencement of the project.

Past Project Updates

July 2020

The construction crew has been on site for the past week preparing the work area, bringing in equipment, and receiving deliveries. Site set up was completed this week and construction has begun.

An excavator working on construction of an armourstone wall along Mimico Creek
Repair of the failed armourstone wall began this week.

June 2020

TRCA delivered notices for the upcoming construction to nearby residents and installed project signage in late June. Work will begin on June 29th and completion is expected during Autumn 2020. Please check back for updates on construction progress.

March 2020

TRCA plans to begin work in summer 2020. In preparation, removal of trees required for access to the work area is being done in March. This avoids disturbing breeding birds in late spring and early summer. Removals are now complete, with tree protection fencing and sediment control measures left in place on site until work begins.


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For more information about this project, please contact:

Nivedha Sundararajah, Project Manager, Erosion Risk Management
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Phone: (416) 661-6600 ext. 5528